have a lot of cards here from round 20 on which i didnt comment so:

gordrob's church stairs - i like to think about how they will be completely overgrown in a few hundred years. very interesting.
Hannah Skeoch's Haitian Worker - great portrait in the tradition of great documentary photographers!
Lori Ryan's pond - like the reflections, but feel a very dark and unwelcoming mood at this pond. makes me want to stay at home :-)
Stephen Frizza: everything has been said - a truly stunning print that glows!
Crispin: have never seen a Minox print before, and like the grain and the very oldschool look
Mark Rewald's Park figurine: a true postcard image which you could sell in gift shops in Denver!
Slumry's teeth - a funny, unusual, well printed photo! thanks for this!
Allen Friday's Colorado River: love the light and the reflections!
Kathrine Whitmore's sculpture: thanks for your nice words on the card, and thanks for the card. I like how you put this so very abstract sculpture in context with its completely natural surroundings!
Tim Gray's Sutton Dam: love the look of HIE, especially the almost "happy" fluffy little clouds over the sturdy structure of the dam.
Rüdiger's Volkswagen: Nice detail, did not have to turn it around to know what car this is. Whether this says more about your photography or my car addiction is fortunately not up for discussion :-)
rtbadman's bull: nice portrait, and funny story to go with it. I know exactly how this happens not being a wild flower photographer myself..
Samed's turtle: looks like it is 100 years old already, fuzzy, grainy, scratched - absolutely love it!
Black Dog's early morning light: Love the quote, also believe to understand the concept of the photo, but sorry, doesn't work for me. But: Please keep surprising me!

greetings from Austria, gurkenprinz