Hi, I already received quite a few cards and would like to comment on them. Also, wanted to let you know that my cards are printed and labeled and will be sent out next week!

Darwin's Cactus: love the tonality and the sharpness (hehe)!
Rachelle's afternoon snooze: I like how small this person looks next to this house, and how well you can see the differences in the structures
Dave Martiny's PG Nude: interesting light in this very elegant photo! love the composition!
Black Dog: now this is something! a photo that doesnt make any sense without the quote on the back. But I get it - and I like it! Bold, against all so-called "rules", artistic, almost abstract and very strange photo! Thanks for thinking outside of the box.
Mike Wilde's collection of old and strange papers: Very good light and composition in the baggage building photo! I like the rotten... Really dont know anything to say about the other two, sorry!

Greetings, Chris