I have a lot of stains gifted to me by a liquidated biochem research company, and some of the names on yoor formulae seem familiar to me but don't map directly to the names I have inventoried. Some dyes have many common names. I will have to search it out. I inventory them by thier CI - colour index, and somewhere have a file than gives all of the cross ref's.

If you do find them, buy about 1/10th of the formulae and scale back. I know how much dye stain is producted by .5g; and we are not talking about the old screw base units to stain, but more likely M2's and M3's and maybe 25's, and an whole lot could be done with a 100mL of bath solution.

Oh, and be sure to have a large jug of bleach on hand to clean up with, and wear a mouth and nose mask, or you will be sneezing stained boogers for days. Don't ask how I learned the last point.