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But dear ghod, what a price/performance ratio!
Not sure I really get the intonation of how you are saying this, but in fact I think (considering available lenses) the price/performance ration of this lens is not good (even though I happen to really like it).

Despite that fact that it's optically a perfect performer at f/3.5, I suspect there are many $100 or $200 (new) 50mm f/1.8 lenses that will be hard to distinguish from this lens to the layman at that aperture. To appreciate the Heliar's rendering is a bit like appreciating a fine wine - It's very subtle.

(Also, for this price, one can buy some interesting second-hand 50mm lenses, or even almost a Zeiss Planar 50/2.0 which will come very close in performance, and is almost 2 stops faster.)

Like most things produced intentionally to be collectible, the price/performance ratio is much worse than some more conventional offerings. Since I'm not bought into a range finder system (and this will likely be my only lens for my M3) I'm not sure that I would have bought this for the new price of $700+. But for $400 (+body)? You betcha.

You see, when most people sell film gear in South Africa, the buyer's market is small, and most people do not know the worth of what they are selling. That's my risk - I accumulate this interesting gear sold locally (I bought my Linhof Technika V kit plus 3 lenses for $~2500) but even for that I could not easily sell it locally, and shipping from here is quite expensive.