Being a very long established lens manufacturer, Meyer produced many types and generations of lenses over the years. What I call the "O" series, as in Orestegon, Oreston, Orestor, Orestegor (in increasing focal length) which came out some time in the late 1960s, was its first completely unified design especially for the 35mm reflex, prior to that its offerings were a little slap-dash in planning.

The Domiplan was something of an odd man out as it was designed to be the budget lens: based on the Trioplan its performance is much better, and in absolute still very acceptable when stopped down to about f/5.6 or f/8, and when used with extra extension the performance is sterling.

It is a common belief that Pentacon (and up to a point, Exakta) used Meyer as a second-tier lens supplier, while Zeiss was the top-drawer supplier. However, looking at the lens ranges available at any one time, there were indeed overlaps but by-and-large the lenses by these two makers compliment each other. For instance, over a long period, Zeiss supplied ultra wideangle and moderate wide angle lenses (20mm and 35mm) while Meyer filled in the gap with its 28mm, 29mm and 30mm lenses at various periods.

When the chips are down, I do not mind Meyer lenses; in fact I have used Meyer lenses from all ages, from a Wide Angle Aristostigmat to the latest, and I do like the imaging quality a lot.