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Rollei Retro 80S, Superpan 200, 400S and the ATP1.1 Tech Pan film are all extended red. In Europe they are all cheaper then e.g. Fuji.

Fomapan Creative 200 is the official name. In the past it was T200 but due to Kodak international pressure on their Tmax (TM) Foma changed the name years ago.

What about bottle post to Australia?
Ah Michaels has outdated Rollei Retro 100, 400, Pan 25, and Ortho 25, and IR for $6-$10 a roll, which is incredibly cheap for any film here, but its expired, but only had it in 35mm, some IR left in 120 though.

So no extended red (except for the IR), 'local' film prices are heavily gouged it seems here.

What's bottle post?