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On your boat picture the right hand side of the picture, the out of focus area, is mushy. It's not an aesthetic criticism of your photography or your processing technique, it's simply what happens when a 35mm negative encounters a textured, unfocussed area. It wouldn't do that in 120 and in 5 x 4 the 'creaminess' would be quite pleasing. The viewer accommodates the general look of a 35mm negative and in the camera's usual terrain of hand-held street photography those characteristics have become the aesthetic.
Indeed. I much prefer photographing landscapes with larger film sizes, yes - my current favourite being Ilford Line film (ISO6) on 4x5in. They aesthetic is totally different yes.

Of course since you refer to my boat picture, the whole point of this was to make this shot unusual through the impossibly-shallow DOF which only a lens with a 125mm-diameter entry pupil can produce. And, of course, the fact that it was made from the other side of the lake - with a large format camera, I would have had to stand in the middle of the lake.

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