By luck, I came into possession of a very well-regarded Steinheil Macro-Quinaron 35mm f/2.8 lens. It came as a "throw in" with a Linhof Super Tech III that I purchased, and it is in like-new condition. It has two focusing ranges. The first goes to 1:1, and the second goes to 2:1, all without extension tubes. The lens itself is probably worth at least half of what I paid for the entire Technika kit, so I consider myself blessed to have come into this rare lens for such a bargain price.

However, I have no way to use the lens as of now, so it is worthless to me. I am exploring my options. So, what are the best bodies for Exacta mount? I would be getting the camera solely for use with this lens, so I need a camera that works well for macro use. I need mirror lockup, and a camera that is of professional quality (such as the Nikon F or Canon F-1) not "clunky" to operate and has an excellent viewfinder.

If there is no Exacta camera that matches the level of quality and smoothness of use of the cameras I mentioned, then I am going to need to find a good adapter. The cameras I have that are likely candidates are Nikon Fs, and Canon F-1s and FTbs. I notice that Exakta to EOS adapters are very common on E-Bay. I also have a Canon EOS 3, which I consider to be a "pro" camera, however, I think that it is a bad choice for macro pix for several reasons. I cannot seem to find any Exacta adapters other than EOS ones at the moment.

If there are any cameras that you would suggest, or good adapters, please post your thoughts. Thank you in advance.