I used to buy all of my supplies for Light Impressions. High quality, excellent packing, good sales. But in recent years they have declined. I heard the ownership changed.

I recently took the bait for 10% off and free shipping. I think it was about 1 month ago and have received nothing yet. Also, the free shipping apparently did not apply to any of the "oversized" items I bought like print storage boxes. I won't cancel the order, mostly due to laziness and morbid curiosity as to when the items will arrive. I am still waiting on an item from Gnass which I paid for at least 3 years ago.

Trying to find an alternative, I just placed an order with Frame Destinations, a sponsor here. I was a little reluctant because it was a big order (~110 complete frames), I had never used them before, and they did not have the exact materials that I used to buy at LI. Eventually, I emailed them, talked on the phone, viewed some sample material over the course of just one week. I finally placed my order. He told me it would take a few weeks because of the size of the order and shipping by freight. The order came precisely on time. I thought the shipping costs were reasonable. The order was over 400 pounds and came on a pallet. The packing was outstanding. Maybe I need more excitement if I am enthusiastic about packing, but the packing was excellent. No dinged corners on the mat board. No scratched acrylic. No burs or grit on the aluminum frames. The corners of the frames fit well. Each frame comes assembled with the two sheets of matboard, foam backer board, and acrylic. (Because of the pre-assembly, I had to change my usual workflow but it works out better.) I really like the acrylic because the protective sheet peels off easily and intact.

I am not yet sold on the Alphamat 4-ply board as a replacement for the Exeter Conservation board at LI. I am only about 1/5 done framing so far so I am still sorting it out. The board is very good but requires much more frequent blade changes on the mat cutter. I should be doing that anyway, I suppose. That is my only complaint.

So two enthusiastic thumbs up for Frame Destinations as a replacement for Light Impressions. I will use them again.