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I'm not sure what is going on with the business model and practices at Light Impressions, but be careful. I am sorry to add my problems to those already posted here.

I ordered some mounting materials including tape, some special cotton gloves, and mounting corners. I called to add items to my order, and was surprised to learn that every single item is back-ordered and will not be available for 6-8 weeks. Moreover, when the order was placed there was no indication that the items were indeed back-ordered, and I would not have known it I hadn't called. Now the really alarming and bothersome part: My credit card was charged when the order was placed! Thus, Light Impression has my money, but I will not have the items that I ordered for as long as two months.There is something wrong with the business practices at Light Impressions. Be careful, and consider ordering elsewhere. How unfortunate given the excellent service and practices that the business had some months back.
I've used Light Impressions in the past and they've been pretty good. But I think it's illegal to charge your card before the items ship. I would complain to Light Impressions.