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...I think the 'if the mountboard gets damaged' issue is overrated. I didn't have a single case in 30 years. However, I had a few cases were the glass broke and the print was damaged.
Well, I had a couple boxes of mounted and over-matted prints out in the garage (left in there for the summer after moving into a new house until I had a studio set-up) that became ant nests. It seems that the space between the print itself the next print sitting on top of it in the box makes for wonderful ant apartments.

I tossed out a lot (~60) of nice, but older prints (16x20's on 20x24). Actually I hauled the boxes out onto the driveway and scattered the prints on the concrete to get rid of the ants -- and it started to rain. If I had taped them in rather than dry-mounted I could have saved 90%+ of them.

So s**t happens.