I started in Photography in 1951 at School when I joined the School- photo-Soc. In 1955 I went into the British Army, Royal Army Medical Corps and did Pathology as there were NO Photographers in the Army then and the RAF wanted you to sign on for 27 years to get into Photography!
Eventually I took some Photo Exams and passed quickly and got a job in the Civil Service at 7 odd a week in the Ministry of Aviation. I had a stint as a School Photographer with two different companies where they said I 'could earn 15 a week'which never materialised, so joined a local Studio whose Partners did local Press Photography -- my introduction to Press work, at again 7-15-0d a week, then as they didn't keep their promise to make me 'Manager' of another Branch, left and got a job at 12 a week with University College London. Geolpogy Dept doing Scientific Photography where I was for 8 years until 1970 when I left to keep an eye on what my first ex-wife was doing and to start up on my own as a local Freelance doing anything !
Now still struggling -- hardly any work coming in -- good job for my Government Retirement Pension !!
The 'Busy Days' are OVER for local Photographers who are going out of business--- NO Council work ( the Girl from the Office does it ), NO PR work ( the Girl from the Office does it), NO Portraits ( they take their own and take their memory cards to Boots the Chemists), Nobody getting married any more -- they all live with 'Partners' and do not want 'Wedding Photos', only two local newsapapers will pay anything -- the others want the photos for FREE --- I bet if they needed a PLUMBER they would PAY!! Whoever has heard of a Poor Plumber, Solicitor, Accountant or Dentist ? But there are dozens of Poor Photographers giving up !!!!