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Hi, I was Michael -Barrington Martin's assistant from 1964 -1966 @ his studio in Glasshouse street London W1 Michael used a tele Rollie for his medium format Theatrical portraits, he also had a Linhof 5x4 with 10x8 back but I do not remember him doing very much with 10x8 while I assisted him, as it was mostly fashion for Linda Leigh, Rodney dresses ,Aquascutum, using 5x4 which I think was a De Vere.
Michael loved big game fishing and had a trawler from Kinsale, Cork which he kept @ Millbay docks Plymouth. We used to travel down there in his VW microbus @ the week-end and fish off the Eddystone light house.He wrote for and illustrated his articals on fishing in several angling magazines.

His father was a portrait photograper I think in Gt Windmill street London W1. Michael was a very accomplished pianist before becoming a photographer and was self taught, I was the first assistant he had, being promoted from the darkroom as a B&W printer. His wife Peggy was the business brains they had one son called Rory, who I think went to Australia with Peggy and her mother after her divorce from Michael. Yes Michael did love the ladies just like Bailey who was known as "David Bailey makes love daily" this also applied to Michael who regularly had the studio door locked after a shoot.

The last that I heard of Michael was that he was living in Thetford forest with a lady artist, as he was into shooting game & I think he used to run wildlife walks in the forest.

I knew Michael in London in the 1960's & 70's. His studio was in Glasshouse Street. Then a number of years later he moved to Goodge Street (I think that was the name but it was near the station). I never worked for him but used to help out in the studio when he was short handed.

His assistant at the time was Rodger Donald who I knew and still keep in touch with. He would know quite alot about the technical aspects of Michaels work.

But I do know he used a Linhof for outside work of buildings and in the studio as well. There was the normal Rolieflex and other cameras.

I sold him a Contraflex (I think that was the name) which was a 35MM SLR and at the time was a pretty good camera.

Whe I last knew him he was selling trannies from his large library and my wife was out selling to agents or studious or mags for him. I think it was called "stock shots" or something like, that but his big commissions had pretty much dried up. He was doing travel mags and catalogues and portfolios for wanna be models.

He had a small trawler which I knew about but I think he had sold it .. .but we used to go to Thetford Forest to cull the herd, where he had a rented cottage . We always ended up with a leg of Venison after a hunt which we became apt at roasting.

He was licensed to cull the heard and owned a couple of rifles with telescopic sights. These he used to leave in the VW camper and after we used the VW van we would find the rifles tucked away in the back and always alarmed at the consequences of being stopped. Never new what you would find in the VW.

He lived in a small apartment in Spring Street near to Paddington Station and many a small party with at least one beutiful woman present.

He was a very well read exotic character even though his reading was of a strange nature and he carried an excentric air about him.

I do not know or follow this site as I just on a whim I searced for him and found this blog. But I guess you guys are more interested in F stops and ASA speeds and such items as hasselblads. (Which he also had)

Not too sure where or how his story continued or possibly ended.

Donald Kelshall