Sorry for the delay in making comments. I wanted the cards to be on display on the fridge for a while so I could have time to see them repeatedly before I started to form thoughts. This was my first exchange on APUG, and frankly, the level of talent and vision has been a bit intimidating. I thank everyone for their work and effort. It was great to look forward to the mail for a couple of months.

In no particular order:

crispinuk’s Time Machine has a great otherworldy feel to it, particularly with the grain and the border.

Black Dog- Luss Hills: very calming image.

KWhitmore – “Old Friends”: Beautiful glow, just jumps off the paper. I want to visit this coffee shop the next time I’m back in Montreal.

rtbadman – the tight crop and almost featureless background work well to highlight the bull.

rst’s Volkswagen- Detail: the transition from sharp lines to creamy and dreamy is fantastic. Sometimes the simplest subject provide the most interesting results, something I need to think about and work on.

PhotoJim’s derelict building in SK. Soooo crisp! The grass is sharp, the tiles are sharp, even at this distance you can see the grain in the boards. Excellent!

Sly’s Colliery Dam Footbridge – this is the first time I’ve seen a cyanotype in person and I feel privileged. Thank you. Both the composition and the alt process/toning draw me in. My uncle and aunt live in Nanaimo; beautiful part of the country.

Oslo Opera House from Pete H. was another card that drew me in. I think it’s cool to have the people so very small in the print. It actually makes me look at them even more.

I like the square print of The Zen Photographer from mooseontheloose. The greys are clean; I don’t think HP5+ has worked this well in my hands. Must try it again.

Allen Friday’s Colorado River: I think you’ve captured how something (the GC) so massive and bold can at the same time be so peaceful.

Haitian Worker from Rob Skeoch’s daughter is a great portrait and a great PJ shot. The folded up cot in the background adds context.

Unfortunately, markrewald’s fountain figurine was one of several postcards that I received that came in damaged, with a chunk of emulsion scraped off just below the mouth. Too bad, because it distracts the eye from an otherwise cool photo.

Mick Fagan’s “Looking Up” is just a very slick exercise in lighting and composition. Really nice.

I want to have a pint or three at BoxBrownie’s “Heart and Hand Pub, Brighton”. Great photo, so punchy in colour (I’m assuming that’s a result of the selenium?).

Samad’s “Red-eared Slider”: I like how you got down to its level, interesting point of view.

drpsilver’s “Tafoni, Cambria” was the first card I received in APX20, and is still one of my favourites. So many different textures here, and the Tri-X grain works beautifully here. Love it!

Tim Gray’s “Sutton Dam”: I usually don’t like much IR photography (it often comes across too unreal to my eye), but I really like this image. I think the fact the foliage is not overcooked here makes it work. The clouds are nice and cottony and hold detail, without being blinding white.

Many thanks to Ruediger for organizing!