Foregive me if this is breaking the rules. I am totally new around here and found the site as I am about to sell a 600 SE.

I have had the kit since the mid nineties.

I have a Polaroid back and a 6x9 roll film back.

I have the three lenses, 75, 127 and 155.

It is here, in Fulham, London.

My plan is to put it on eBay and offer it for sale in the UK and USA. At the moment I am simply doing research to learn more about what I have got. I am not a classic camera collector. I bought it to help with my film based photography, but don't use, or need, it now I work with digital.

I presume I can put up some pictures of the kit if anyone around here is interested.

Thanks in anticipation for any advice, or comments, that may be coming.

London UK