The other trick is to try to find the time to take in the usual sights at a different time of day.

I too live in the land of the bland.

But when I find the will to get up Sunday am at 5:00 on a day predicted to be light on clouds, I am out for a walk before the sun has risen.

I have pre-scouted possibiilities , and get great shots off all sorts of things in the hour or so before the light becomes part of the usual blandness again.

Yes, macro and texture can be your friend too.

I usually drive to work after dropping the kids off at school, but when we bike I can usally see intersting things, and the effect is even more pronounced if I walk. It is just a matter of getting an extra 15minutes in into the morning routine to walk in rather than drive, since I live close to work, but that 15 minutes always seems to go to other more domestic tasks.