What about picking a theme?

I often take my camera, hop on my bicycle and pedal around town looking for pictures that fit into my theme for the day.

One day I'll shoot, "urban grunge." I'll take pictures of old, run down buildings and industrial lots.
The next time I'll shoot "broken stuff." I'll walk around looking for broken bottles and smashed up car fenders, etc.
Some other time I might look for "diagonal lines" or "abstract closeups."

There have been times where I'll go a week or more shooting "grunge" or some other theme. After I have shot a roll or two, I often start seeing pictures everywhere I look, even just ten feet out my back door. There's an old, dead tree in my back yard with the branches broken off. I spent an hour shooting that tree from every angle. Another time, I saw the picnic table in my back yard all covered with snow. There went another roll of film over an hour's time shooting that picnic table from every angle.

After I've been doing this for a while, it often gets hard to STOP seeing photographs!