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...Good luck in your quest.
Thanks for the advice and the encouragement.

I have already been using this camera and, I must say, I like it (with MLU, TTL or not).

So far, I have found it very comfortable hand-held (using the big handle- which is beautifully designed to balance the rig in a portrait orientation) and the slowest shutter speed I have used is 1/60th sec. We will see tomorrow how the shots pan out. (Using 35mm format, I have several times made good shots -inside churches, cafes etc- as slow as 1/8th sec -bracing myself against a wall or something, of course.)

As I said, I'm hoping the meter will respond to some attention, but -if it doesn't- we may be able to negotiate the price. (I have several 35mm non-metered bodies and several hand-held meters, so it would not be a big drama for me.).

Thanks again.