Thanks for all the great advice - this is one of the most informative forums on the Net that I know of by quite a long way!

OK let's give some more details. Mulling over the dullness of my home town made me think about an assignment to try to bring that dullness out. The architecture here is often very uninspired (unless you like long rows of identical brick terraced houses) so I might have a play around with symmetry, geometrical shapes and such, not to mention an urban decay I pick up along the way.

I'll be using my trusty Leica R3 with the 50mm Summicron (the only R lens I can afford!). Film is FP4 at EI 200 for the mostly cloudy overcast weather we get here and souped in good ol' D-76, it's a combo that gives a really classic, timeless look with great tonal range. I will certainly post some results! (eventually .. lol)