Your question brings up two things I would like to talk about. When my mother was in the nursing home, I noticed a lot of blank walls without pictures. I sent off some negatives to be made into 16X20 enlargements and donated them to the home. One was a scene next to the river that runs through town in our largest park. It was in the fall so there was a big orange maple tree in the picture and a path that ran along the river. The city had put in a new wooden boardwalk about 5-6 years before I took the picture. I gave it to the maintainance man to put up and he asked me where I took that picture. I looked at him unbelieving he could ask such a question and said, it is about a mile from where we stand, in the park. He said he had not been over there in a few years.
The other thing I wanted to say is that when I took the NYIP course through the mail, I was suppose to take a picture showing texture for one of my assignments. Knowing there there was nothing in my boring town I jumped in the car and went to another town to see what I could find. Not finding anything I came back and passed a gas station a half mile from my house that was made out of a type of block that I have not seen anywhere before. It had a design on it that made a good example of texture. If nothing else I would have to ask, are there no pretty girls in your town? Are there no cute babies? No puppies or kittens? If so, then it is a boring town.