And as luck would have it, the post by 'anikin' directly above my previous post was for his pair of prints headed to me. I received those undamaged in today's mail.

The first print - Woody Rose Garden - is an 8x10-inch RA-4 print on Supra Endura from a 35mm Kodak Ektar 100 negative. The subject is a large, hand-carved wooden rose with stem set in what appears to be a botanical garden of some sort in Wilsonville, Oregon (USA). Very nice!

This is the first print I have seen from an Ektar negative. I find the color saturation in the print to be realistically muted and very lifelike, which is not what I expected from Ektar. I am a big fan of the true, subtle colors in nature thanks to my original background as a geologist, so this interpretation resonates well with me. Very nicely done, Eugene.

The second print - Sun Flower Festival in Hood River, OR - is even more intriguing. From the photographer's notes:

"Taken with 1910 Kodak 3A pocket camera modified to accept 120 film. Ektar 100 film, about 0.5-1 seconds bulb exposure. Aperture not recorded."

The print is a 26x10-inch 2-part vertical panoramic of a near-far composition featuring several yellow sunflowers in the foreground and taller green trees in the background. Except for a bit of wind, the near flowers and leaves are quite sharp. Again, nicely done.

I must confess I'm amazed at the quality produced by this antique instrument. Correct me if I'm wrong Eugene, but I believe this is a version of the camera you used? Quite expensive in its day at an original list price of US$78.00. That would be US$1,773.63 in 2009 dollars. Hmm. Seeing that, maybe the current B&H price of US$1,749.95 for the Fuji GF670 folder really isn't so unreasonable after all?

Many thanks, Eugene. Two very nice prints for me that I intend to mount and display alongside my other BPX prints. My collection is starting to grow.

And Chris, that does it for me. I have now both sent and received my prints for this round. Thank you again for your efforts in organizing and herding all of us cats.