I have a very nice clean Mamiya 645E with a Mamiya Sekor C 45mm f.2.8 lens for sale. The camera is in excellent condition and everything is operating perfectly. The camera has a 120 insert and the viewfinder is crisp and clear. The meter is working nicely and the shutter speeds are accurate. There are signs of normal light wear and in the interest of full disclosure, there's a very light hairline crack on the left side of the camera. This is purely a cosmetic issue and it's only a fraction of a millimeter deep. The lens is in excellent condition with very light wear and the glass is beautiful.

This is a really nice camera/lens combination and is a great way to get into medium format without breaking the bank. The 45mm lens is equivalent to about a 28-30mm lens on a 35mm camera. Mamiya makes quality equipment and you can expand the system very inexpensively. This is an easy to use well-designed camera.

I'm selling this because I lost the lease on my studio and need to make room in my house for my studio gear. I'll also be listing other equipment this week.