If that is Reading in Berkshire, in the UK, I think it is pretty much interesting. I spent an academic year there in 1989 - 90. Should not have changed much.

The prison where Oscar Wilde was imprisoned;
The medieval bell tower in the historical centre;
Market scenes at the fresh market in the centre;
Typical British houses which are uncommon in Europe even if they are common to your eyes;
The University campus with its beautiful park, with bridges over the water, sterns fishing, squirrels, majestic old trees;
University scenes of all kind: graduation ceremonies, sport events, bonfires...
Wantage Hall (Upper Redlands Road) certainly merits quite a few shots; Some other Edwardian University buildings as well;
The Old Campus, if it is accessible, and its clock tower;
Old traditional houses with wooden frame;

And the Chemist's with the sign "Pharmacy" :-)