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Is putting any money in a MF lens system foolish in this day?

Will I be disappointed with the quality of MF?

Am I just being sentimental about film?
Maybe, maybe not. It depends what you want to do. If you want to do pixelography - digital capture than use a pixel editor to manipulate your digital capture and print using a printer, than go by the way of a digital camera. If you want to do photography - then buy a film camera.

You did say you wanted to do landscpaes and portraits, I think in another post. Than the Rollei is it if you want to be serious. I also read that the digital allowed to learn quicker. Although this may be true, I am not sure what you learned. I honestly believe that in order to really learn photography - to see the light, to really understand capture - you need a film camera.

Should I just be buying into the Canon system?
If you already have a Nikon digital system, I don't see the logic in switching to a Canon system.

Should I just skip MF all together a just get a Linhof Technica III for peanuts
I can't answer that one. I don't know anything about that camera, but from what read it's a great camera.

The worst thing about digital is having to have your Body+Lens+imaging device (CCD) all from the same company!
Well, not really. You could have a Nikon body with a Sigma lens and the CCD is from Kodak. Or a Canon body, lens from Tamron and the CCD is from Sony. Plus there's more combinations. Anyway, this is all moot - get the Rollei.

Regards, Art.