Hi all!

I'm helping a friend who owns a unique furnishings store (http://www.metropolis-living.com). I have been helping him (pro bono, he is my good buddy after all) with marketing tasks like designing and producing his web site, designing logos, tags, cards etc. He is going into a very serious show in February and he will have a booth there. Considering his type of merchandise, I'd like to take some very high-resolution images, possibly 8x10 color negative, of a couple of interiors.

One would be a derelict factory interior and another would be some place that would probably have been really beautiful in it's heyday but has been left to decay. Some place like an old hotel lobby or an old, stately, railroad depot, something like that.

I am willing to travel for a day or two to get to that location, so from Toronto that would mean around 500-600 miles to get to it.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!