I do not own either camera at this time. I have owned a Bronica SQ and a Hasselblad 500c, 500cm, and 500 ELM. I have also seen the used prices on these goods over 40+ years. Hasselblad gets my vote. I understand that currently Hassleblad can be had relatively inexpensively. I am not a fan of the Compur shutters if they are to be used in cold weather. They have a tendency to develop problems when used in very cold weather unless winterized. I owned Hasselblads during the 70's. I had 3 instances of the shutters hanging open for me in cold weather. During the 70's this was a $50.00 repair charge by a local independent firm. I have not experienced the CF shutters and therefore offer no opinion of them. If you will not be using the camera in cold weather then I believe the you would be satisfied with the Comput shutter. I have used both T* and non T* Planars..I do not know if the non T* lens was actually multi-coated or not but there seemed to be very little difference. I should add that I always was using a compendium lenshood.

I have no personal experience with the latest bersions of the Bronica lenses. I had the regular version of the 80mm. It was acceptable but not in the class of a Planar.

I should also mention the I am very much predisposed to Zeiss lenses and I may not be an Unbiased judge.

What can I say except to wish you "Haselblad Happiness".