I have a Rolleicord also, I got mine for free(!) while visiting Odense, Denmark this summer. Met a nice elderly gentleman, Joseph, struck up a conversation.... about life and experience, was invited back home to have a look at the couples' collection of marvellous figurines of nuns (my wife collect madonnas...) and told him I had picked up my youth's passion, photography.
Off Joseph went to his basement and came up with a like-new Rolleicord! And gave it to me for free. It was a gift from his pastor, he used to do voluntary work in his parish, and when he retired (serious, grim things struck him) the pastor gifted him the camera, it was used for official pictures, before the advent of d*****l "cameras".

I now uses the camera, everything works like new, including shutter, the lens is clean and bitingly sharp, and I report back to Joseph about the ongoing success, two days ago I attended a book launch here locally and documented that with the Rolleicord and TMax400. The books theme was a documentation about local WW2 sabotage actions in this valley, and a DVD-documentary anbout that, and when I came I offered apologies to my good friends, the author and film director for bringing a period correct german camera to document the event. The camera was met with cheers by everyone, this is history, and a congregation of people interested in preserving history and a period correct camera was very welcome!