Har Har, you guys!

1: accomodation. Fine come any time you wish, ESPECIALLY during february, I will put you up in the familys old tent, behind the old shed, or you could sleep in the shed, it was partly used as a pighouse during WW2 by the former owner, 360 000 german troops to feed, in addition to our own, took its toll....

2: darkroom. NIL. but if you're prepared to sit with your tanks and paraphernalia in your lap, at the top of the pitch black stairs down to our basement at night, I could let you in anytime when its nightime here.

3: daylight. Your friend was right! at this time of the year we have two hours of dawn and 22 hours of night. Which also indicates the operating hours of the 8x10 film processing operation......

Don't be shy guys, forward interesting proposals re this adventure. For instance, some of you might be more in touch with nature than others. To those I have a special offer : I will dig out a snow cave and lend out polar sleeping bags, so the adventourus can sleep there in polar explorer style! Actually some people pay 1000's of ús to experience that in Kiruna, Sweeden, where they build a hotel out of snow & ice every winter. You will need to keep your developing fluids lukewarn&fluid all by yourself though.

I might consider expanding this into a tourist business, you guys gets first dibs to be ginea pigs!