Scala film is basically a negative that is turned into a positive. With that in mind any black and white negative film will work. Drop process is basically telling the operator to cut the development time to retain highlight detail ,

For the first contact pos step you need a flat original to enlarge onto large film.
Problem with the Scala method, I do not know anyone still doing it.

But I am sure the folks at DR5 sure could tell you how to make a pos from a contact neg.

Re the red green blue laser, sorry I cannot say as this type of discussion is not allowed here. ** hint ** film goes through laser imaging devices, rgb beams of energy do expose film, film taken from the imaging device and processed in a tray. ** but enough about that the mod/Police will be banning me soon.

I only have grade 10 science so your bachelor of science trumps me by a long shot.
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Bob, What, what, what, I'm at a brain cell loss this evening, first what is the Scala Drop process, and second can you explain the Rollie ISO 25 in HC110 to tasted , red green blue laser exposure for someone with only a Bachelor of Science degree?

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