In a way I suppose I did join to facilitate my response, however, the original subject of this thread did catch my attention as well. It was mentioned that our club was contacted for entries for this event, however one of two things must have happened...

Either the contact went to the past president, or an attempt to contact our club came at a time when we were redirecting and reformatting our officers email addresses. Either way, I was completely unaware of this event and did not receive the correspondence as mentioned in an earlier post.

A fellow WCCC member actually stumbled upon this site and was appalled to read the writings of Patrick (Ektagraphic) who has always been considered a genuinely well-liked member of our club - However, this fellow member did find the call for entries worth noting and forwarded me a link to this thread steering my attention to post #9 - I guess the rest is history.

I would like to apologize for posting my response in a fashion that was outside of the thread subject, however, I hope anyone that reads this thread understands why I felt compelled to reply in the fashion that I did.

Thanks to all for your understanding.

Scott Gomes, President
Whaling City Camera Club