Someone called us to place an order yesterday. They needed 20 16x20 mat boards. Light Impressions told them they could not guarantee that they could fill the order by January. That company is history. We could fill the order the same day, if it came in early enough in the day.

I am sure Frame Destinations provides excellent service, but Lodima is also a sponsor of APUg and I ask you folks to take a look at our web site www.lodimaarchivalmaterials for your mat board needs. We have no minimum orders and our prices for most items are significantly lower than elsewhere. Since we are photographers ourselves we can make recommendations regarding sizes, print positioning, and anything else you need advice on.

Although it is not on our web site, we can also supply Nielsen metal section frames--any style, any size, any color. No minimums. We can also supply acrylic glazing, although often it is cost effective for you to get that locally.

We get more customers through than through APUG, which is a mystery to me, as I have not been to in over 10 years--long before we existed as lodimaarchivalmaterials.

We're also Lodima Press--producing the finest reproduced photography books published today. No one else publishes books in 600-line screen quadtone.

We're dedicated to excellence in everything we do. At least take a look at our very easy to navigate web site. Thanks.

Michael A. Smith