Just mixed up some 130 tonight, Adams version. I generally prefer Selectol and feel Dektol gives my prints too much contrast - so I opted for the non-HQ version. I noticed little difference between 1+0 and 1+3 dilutions and found I could alter contrast through agitation more effectively. Either way, the results are great.

All prints were Emaks K-888 #2, everything toned in Selenium 1+20. Tones to a very subtle brown-black after around 2 minutes, which is what I prefer. For now I'll probably stick with using 1+3 but may experiment with higher dilutions to see if there is any difference. However, I just won't use 1+6, etc. regularly if they take 5 minutes to develop a single print. One thing I do prefer though is that prints coming out of the developer have slightly lower contrast because I always use selenium toner. For that reason I find Dektol sometimes harder to work with.

Looking forward to the longevity and re-use ability with the qualities of Selectol Soft that I like (good separation, relaxed contrast). I have plenty of chemicals on-hand and have toyed with mixing up some kind of Agfa 120 variant of it using glycin and potassium carbonate, but I'll probably get used to using the AA 130 for a while first.