Hey Jim, happy to see your camera is coming together. I finally got all my wood sorted and will begin cutting next week. This teaching gig gets in the way of everything! Looks like my camera will way a ton or so. Oh well, as long as it works. I'll most likely make my own bellows, but we'll see. I'm planning on it attaching to a frame, which will then be screwed to the inside of the rear standard and backside of front standard.
I wanted to ask you what DR are you getting with a development time of 7 minutes? Funny, I use the same dilution as you, but develop (tray, int agitation, 21C) for 14:00 to get a DR of 1.70 on xray. I am using the green latitude stuff. Perhaps that is why?
Making tissue today. Just realized the clocks went back one hour last night!! Yes! One more hour of tissue making!