Okay taking a break from developing the 11x14 and 8x20 negatives from my last two trips. So far they look great.

Andrew, just looked at my x-ray negatives from my Zion trip and they are all above 2.00. I even have one that is 3.13! This was the inside of an old building shooting through to the brightly lit outside. Can't wait to print that one! I do my 8x10's in a tank. The x-ray negatives were the last of a batch of Efke 25 that I used 2:2:100 on and they came in around 1.70-2.12 DR. I thought why not use the same developer and guess what it gave me nice negatives even after several sheets of Efke.

Dan unless they start making x-ray film in 20x24 or 16x20 this is it! It is going to be nice and it is looking good. Matt and I are going to work on it the weekend after Thanksgiving. Friday-Sunday. Come on by if you have time. It would be great to see you.