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I seem to remember after the 11 x 14 you said that was it. We'll wait and see if you go any farther!

Thanksgiving weekend works for me - I'll come over one day and bring some beer and some of my latest and greatest for you both to enjoy/critique.

Dan, that would be awesome. Can't wait to see the new work. I'll be sure to bring some of my new carbons for you to see and maybe some surprises also????

I know I did say that after the 11x14 "no more!" but with 14x17 x-ray film being only .80-.90 a sheet what can I do. Sure beats $325.00+ a box of 25 sheets for the regular stuff. Now I just have to save for more holders. Two is not going to be enough. Now I just have to figure how I'm going to carry this beast??