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I went to the linked site and found that tri-ess is going
out of business for the expressed reason that there isn't
enough demand for their wares.
That's BAD news. Their wares are their strength and
weakness. For example, they have a very large selection
of containers of many descriptions but in my mind do not
offer a good looking, quality, scale; Ohaus oddballs.

Also if IIRC, their microscope selection is not of the
general appeal it could be.

Their amber and clear boston rounds with the screw-in
cork polyseal or polycone caps are just the thing. They offer
a good selection of CAPS in many sizes.

I've an order shapping up for them. Maybe I can talk them
out of shutting down. Perhaps they should play eBay. An hours
drive from my Willamette Valley location, Springfield Scietific closed
shop. Photo-Lab supply sources are drying up. Well their's always
spoons and recycled tonic water bottles. Dan