Shipping costs depends on the weight. How many sheets would you want? It makes no sense to get one sheet as shipping would be prohibitive on a per unit basis. Best would be to get as many sheets as possible--an entire box would be ideal--that way the shipping would be minimal per board.

But we can cut boards down for you for very little additional. I checked our prices and I see that for 4 16x20s, for example, the additional charge on a per 32x40 sheet is only 62 cents. I can't believe that figure myself. That means for our labor in cutting 4 16x20s from a 32 x 40 board we only make 62 cents more than if we just shipped the board uncut. Can you cut it for less than 62 cents?

And shipping 32 x 40 is expensive. Probably very expensive. It would be an oversize package. It would go on a "dimensional weight" calculation where the minimum weight is high (41 pounds), even if you got only one board. So, unless you are mounting prints on the entire 32x40 sheet, my suggestion is to let us cut it for you.

We are going to be doing a major board cutting on Tuesday, so if you could place an order by Monday that would be very helpful to us and would insure prompt delivery.

We have just purchased a guillotine. But we do not have it yet and are building an addition to a building to house it. Because we have some large orders, on Tuesday we are driving to a friends location where he has a guillotine. We do this rarely. Usually we cut boards one at a time. Painful to us. Something that should take 10 minutes can take us a couple of hours. But we have kept our prices as if we already had the guillotine. So, if you want to purchase our board and can place your order by Monday, that would be most helpful. We'll cut the board on Tuesday and ship it on Wednesday. Thanks.

And we can cut overmats for you, too, on our computerized overmat cutter. And still get your order out on Wednesday.

And we can include your Brett Weston book in the shipment, saving you the shipping cost for that.

Michael A. Smith