Hi Everybody,

in keeping with the tradition that the lith print exchange should have a different organizer each round, allow me say:

Let us start round 7 of the lith print exchange!

Here is what it is about, copied from round 6 which was copied from round 5 which was copied from round 4.

1. This is about sharing what can be done in lith printing with the emphasis on the process and not on the value of the prints themselves. I plan on sending my best attempts and I'm sure everyone else will do the same.

2. Everyone will be divided into groups of 3 or 4 people. So the maximum number of prints you will have to send is 3.

3. Print size and presentation will not have any requirements. Prints may be on fibre or RC paper. They may be unmounted, mounted, and/or matted. It's up to you.

4. The print may be straight lith, toned lith or bleach and redevelopment in lith.

5. The addition of explanatory notes is optional, but the recipients may appreciate an explanation of the process, such as paper type, lith developer type, dilutions etc.

6. The exchange is open to anyone who wants to print in lith. Experience is irrelevant although I will mix the groups to give a good mixture.

7. This is an international exchange, so be prepared to send your prints anywhere in the world.

8. Sign up period ends in exactly one month, on December 8.

9. Prints to be sent by mid-January. That provides more than four weeks to make your prints after the sign up period ends.

So who wants to take part?