Hi Everyone,

I have had my RB67 for a few years and usually shoot portraits with it and my 127mm f3.8 lens. I have been commissioned for a new job by a local landscaper to do some shots of landscaping and lighting on several homes in the area. He is giving me an advance for some supplies I'll need and the rest when I finish.

My first thought was that I'll need a wide-angle lens for my RB67. I've looked at the 65mm and the 50mm and prices generally range from $150-300 for either (most of them non-C lenses). That's what I was able to see right now. I came across several 50mm Sekor Z lenses for the RZ67 for less than the Sekor C lenses.

Here's my dilemma: at this point I have not sunk any extra money into my RB67. Rather than paying a couple hundred for a wide-angle lens for it, would you take the opportunity to get an RZ67 bundle? There are many reasonably priced ones on KEH, say for ~$350 with a 110mm f2.8 in BGN or with a 90mm f3.5 in EX.

There is another question that comes up with the RZ67: do I go for one in BGN condition with the 110mm lens (which I've heard is very good) and still have to purchase a wide-angle for landscapes, or do I go for the bundle with the 90mm in EX condition, and hope that lens is wide enough where I don't have to purchase another (right now)? Sorry for all the questions; I thought it would be pretty simple to go get another lens for my RB but then I was hit with the great prices for RZ bundles and lenses. Please help!!