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I was attempting to enlarge 35 mm negatives to 11X14 with my 23C and 50mm lens. I found that I cannot focus the image when going that large. The bellows are compressed to the limit. If I crank the enlarger head down a bit I can focus the image though the image is roughly 10X12. Not as large as I would like them to be. Is there a way I can get larger images from 35 mm negatives using this enlarger? Regards.
Ken </td></tr></table><span class='postcolor'>
Hi Ken:

Are you using TechPan? I know that -that film- will still look ok from 35mm film to 11x14 paper. Unless you are going for the "grainy" look, I think you are in MF territory for that paper size. Of course, I have a similar dillema, I just bought some post card paper and my favorite negs are 4x5. I am trying to figure out how to get my enlarger to print 4 7/8 x 6 7/8 prints from 4 x 5 negs with a 150mm lens. Sort of like using a Honda Civic to pull stumps, It can be done .... once maybe ..... if you have all day ..... a lot of help shoveling .... and don&#39;t mind buying a new clutch.

I will have to concede that if you are doing this in color (silver grains bleached out and no accutance) or with chromogenic film (monochrome color C-41 process film) 11x14 prints are pretty smooth - not real sharp, usually, and kind of mottled looking but no grain. I think most 35mm negatives make great 5x7 prints and sometimes really good 8x10 prints. Then .... well ..... I guess you have to like the look of the grain. I was at an art exhibit and there was a B&W 11x14 print there that won some awards - I looked at it and commented to the artist about how much I liked here composition and her use of HP5 film - I recognized every grain on it. The same could be said about the runner up done in TRI-X - instead of flat mushy looking grains it was little grain dots. Either way - what a shame&#33; really well done compositions in dots and mush. - I recently bought a Yashica MAT on EBAY for &#036;75. It makes great 11x14 prints - even better 8x10 prints. It is my knock about - work trip - catch as catch can camera. Not the serious Rollei or the knock them dead Tachihara/Rodenstock combo. Just - I might get lucky and catch something cool camera. My Zeiss/Contax 35mm system is now just for family snapshots. Like any race car driver will tell, there is no substitute for a bigger engine. ...... unless you like looking at the grain ....