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From your original post and the comments following it, it sure looks like you want the RZ, which is changing the decision making process. If you want it that bad and can afford it, then you probably ought to buy it. However, be aware that you are suffering from a bout of GAS and giving in to it rarely makes it go away.

What do you want from an RZ that you are not getting from your RB? If there is a significant reason to have the RZ rather than the RB, then this could represent a chance to upgrade to the RZ with a little less money out of your pocket. If you are just suffering from GAS, well, then you are just suffering from GAS and will need to decide how to deal with that. Perhaps you should just buy the RZ, but I have a feeling you will be happier with your choice if you understand why you are doing it.

In looking at KEH, I see that the 50mm C lens for RB is $325 in EX and not available in BGN and the 50mm RZ in EX is $215. That is a big difference. However, the cheapest route, unless you sell your RB equipment, is to get the RB lens. If you are trying to convince yourself that the RB lens is overpriced and therefore you should drop another $350 to save $110, there is a hole in your logic. If you wish to get into RZ equipment, however, this is a chance to get into the RB rig (BGN rating) for something like $250 rather than $350, so it might represent a good opportunity for you.

Good luck!
You make a good point. The reason I am considering an upgrade is because my RB (purchased off of eBay) is not in very good condition. None of the interlocks work and I'm probably going to have to be replacing it (or at least some parts) soon. I am at the point where I want to add a back or two and perhaps some accessories. That, and the need I now have to purchase a lens or two, is what is fueling thoughts about upgrading. The only lens I have for my RB is a 127mm which is about the cheapest lens available.

I am not trying to spend $350 to save $110. I think I do wish to get into RZ equipment, and my thoughts were that I can get into it for $250 and can purchase the newer Sekor Z 50mm lens for less than I have generally been able to find the older 50mm Sekor non-C lens. I don't think there will be any issues in getting familiar with the equipment in order to do a job, since I'll have plenty of time to work with it before I need to use it.

Has anyone ever gotten a BGN RZ67 from KEH? After looking at it I do want the RZ because of the updated design and features. I am not looking at it as a way to save money in an absolute sense, but perhaps to see if this is a good time to jump into the new system.