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Go for the RZ. The lenses are generally better, there's no analog to the 110/2.8 in the RB world. PLus the ULD 50 for the RZ is superb (regular 50 is quite nice too!). RZ: smaller, lighter, easier to use, better design, more modern, not much more $, and lenses and parts are easier to find than the RB equivalents (if they exist at all...). There's no downside to the RZ vs. RB, in my opinion. The only 2 I could even think of would be non-battery operation of RB (a non-issue, batteries last forever in the RZ and they are cheap and tiny), and the so-called 6x8 back on RB, which in reality is only 4mm wider than the RZ 6x7 back. (74 vs 70mm). but basically those are non-issues. Everything else favors the RZ.

Just keep in mind that both models earned their keep as professional equipment and many are high-mileage, worked-to-death veterans with issues. I only see the occasional RZ kit that was amateur shot; the rest are ex-pro gear. On balance, RB Pro S and Pro SD bodies seem to hold up better than the cracked and crunched Rzs with sketchy electronics friends keep showing me. They're both great system cameras but their job histories, rather than model alone, can make a huge difference. Caveat emptor, as usual.