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Thanks for the feedback guys. I have been looking for an alternative to the Canikon AF's and the Maxxum is looking pretty good. I have also been looking at the Maxxum lenses, both Minolta and non manufacturer brand. Is there a lens guide somewhere that gives a rating on the lenses? The sigma 24-70 f2.8 seems to have a couple of different models. Are the non-manufacturer brand maxxum lenses any good? Any thoughts on a zoom versus 2 or 3 primes? With my OM's I usually prefer to use my Zuiko primes. The Minolta primes are certainly cheap. Is it just because they are unfashionable?

Their lens database has lots of user reviews and is the first place I would look for user based information.

As for Minolta being unfashionable, that is probably correct to some degree. CaNikon have always been the Pro's choice, simply because they had more choice and decent Pro programs. Pentax (here at least anyway) were probably more consumer based. Minolta were some where in between.

There is one other factor that saw Minolta slip down (and their ultimate down fall), was having their butts sued by Honeywell for patent breaches

Not withstanding the Honeywell issue, with better marketing (& decent pro user programs), there would have been no reason why Minolta couldn't have made a better name. If you ever get a chance to look at a Maxxum 9, you will under stand. The 9 was probably one of the best late model SLR's ever produced.