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Go for the RZ. The lenses are generally better, there's no analog to the 110/2.8 in the RB world. PLus the ULD 50 for the RZ is superb (regular 50 is quite nice too!). RZ: smaller, lighter, easier to use, better design, more modern, not much more $, and lenses and parts are easier to find than the RB equivalents (if they exist at all...). There's no downside to the RZ vs. RB, in my opinion. The only 2 I could even think of would be non-battery operation of RB (a non-issue, batteries last forever in the RZ and they are cheap and tiny), and the so-called 6x8 back on RB, which in reality is only 4mm wider than the RZ 6x7 back. (74 vs 70mm). but basically those are non-issues. Everything else favors the RZ.

This is an example of what I was trying to find out (and really my exact thought process). My line of thinking was that, aside from the initial investment in the camera bundle ($250-350), I would be spending about the same money on lenses and accessories that are newer and widely considered to be better. I don't really care about the battery issue and don't especially value an all-mechanical camera. I'm fine with the regular 6x7 back so that's a non-issue.

The applicable downsides that have been brought up are unfamiliarity with the equipment and basing a job off of new equipment that may or may not be working properly. If I have sufficient time to play with it before using it for the job I don't think those two will be issues. If there is a problem, I can rent a 50mm RB lens from Dallas Camera per David's suggestion below.

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Great idea David...I have never used them before. Perhaps even renting a 50mm lens for this job would be a good idea anyway.

Thanks everyone for your responses. I may seem like I asked a question that I wanted a certain answer to, but I do value the responses and collective knowledge here. Aside from any general concerns about doing jobs with unfamiliar equipment, are there any other issues that may be a factor in deciding whether or not to switch to the RZ system from RB?