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When it comes to framing, usually the galleries want you to provide the display samples that go up on the wall pre-framed, but they will handle framing for the customer (and make 100% of the profit on the framing) because the framing is where they have their greatest profit center, not the artwork itself. They're just being cheap by asking you to frame the work on display for them because that's one more investment in overhead they don't have to make. Once you have an established sales record with them, that MAY change (if they know you're going to sell out the show, then they MIGHT comp you the frames or do the framing for you at cost).
Yes, and I view the investment of the frames and a set of exhibition prints was a good thing. Without it, I wouldn't have had the shows that I've had, and have been able to show work on quick notice, had a good exhibition prints ready for any juried opportunities that came my way... which ultimately led to the gallery's interest.

Now, we'll see if they can sell some prints (I've only been with them for a since the summer), and I'm scheduled for a show in Feb. My work is not necessarily an easy sell either, I don't think... a little too documentary for many collectors, so we'll see.

And I'm not in the framing business, and don't want to be!! If they can do the framing leg work... more power to them.

All this said... I don't think selling prints is a viable way to make a living, (unless your just extraordinarily hip or something) just an avenue for a little extra (to pay for more film and paper!!).

Good luck.