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Ian Grant----While all of us who speak English as a first language pick on each others countrys nuances of pronunciation, re-read his description. That is not English as spoken by someone from any So-called English speaking country I've ever heard of. Could this be that scam artist that has a post box in England, but actually lives in Nigeria? ?Que pasa?
We have a large immigrant population and I know from personal experience that even families who have been here 40+ years often have members with poor or no grasp of English.

The seller has 100% feedback so it's unlikely it's a scam, in addition some sources say that manufacturer's cameras are rare. By coincidence one of my friends was selling a nicer camera of the same make and asked what I thought it would make, my estimate of 250-300 turned out to be spot on as the camera fetched 269.

So misguided ideas of value but not a scam