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You ended up buying both cameras. I didn't know that was an option. Is that even allowed? LOL.
I think you're going to love them. I only played with the R8 when I shot with the R5. They looked great.... but I never got over wanting an R6.2 for some reason.

Have a lot of fun with them.

Yes, the thing was that he gave me a huge discount... if I got the R9, the 50 mm and the 90 mm he would give me 75% discount on the R8.... which meant I paid 220 for it....
Do i need it, probably not, but now i have an extra body. The thing is that right now my wife has the R9 with the 90 mm and she loves it. The camera is super easy to handle, no extra buttons, just pure functionality. So, I guess that the R8 was a necessary purchase because at least I will have the R8 and the 50 mm lens to shoot with....