I have a rols in the freezer but in Canada no one will process it any longer and sadly I never got through a roll to test. I had bought it as an aside to some other purchases and totally forgot it was there. I have seen some slides of others who used it and it could easily have become my standard slide film. I understand it dies develop nicely as a negative in D-76 so I'll use it up that way, sadly.

When I taught photography, my teaching aid was b&w transparencies and the students were amazed that it even could be done. By the end of each class most had tried it and out of the class I had a couple of dedicated converts to both MF and b&w slides. Enough converts to MF that I worked a deal with the local Bronica dealer to give additional consideration for trading in their 35mm gear for a Bronica or other system or an outright purchase. After a couple of years he and I had dinner and he mentioned the Bronica rep toldhim had sold more 35mm backs for the ETR series than any other dealer in the southeast region. Turned out my students found out the same thing I did, the ETRS made for one of the best 35mm slr systems out there plus a fantastic MF system. The person who did the slide development was processing some 2 dozen rolls a week so she was happy and the price came down significantly as well as it was added as a standard service to the price list.