Hmm, I could have sworn that they (JD Photochem) sold their own E-6 kit. Oh well. The C-41 instructions were fine until I got to the part about "usable for X rolls based on 4 oz per roll." -- not too helpful for those of us using regular inversion agitation in small tanks.

Roman, I have never seen any Tetenal products in any store in Canada. When I lived in the USA I used to buy the 500 ml Tetenal E-6 kits from B&H Photo, which were perfect for processing six rolls in pairs (so as to not have the chemicals lingering around too long). In the USA the 500 ml kits are no longer available and you can only get the 1L kits (about $25 at B&H, I think). In Canada the only small kits available are from Agfa. On my last trip to Henry's (downtown Toronto) I don't remember seeing any of them in any case.