I used this developer some years ago. It is excellent. True, it does not provide the film speed that D-76 does, but the penalty is quite small. One of the principal characteristics of Pyro-TEA developer is its long life. If kept from air, the concentrate will last for years. (Air reduces its life a lot.) It has very high capacity in working solution. I didn't try replenishment, but making up the volume with concentrate would probably work until the air got to the solution. Note that this is a non-staining pyro developer.

Pyro-triethanolamine film developer
Oxalic acid 1.5 g
Potassium metabisulfite 3.9 g
Pyrogallol 46 g
Metol 16 g
Sodium sulfite 116 g
Triethanloamine 12 ml
WTM 4 l
Dilute 1:1 for use. Develop Tri-X 5-1/2 minutes